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Holiday Greetings from Disney Fine Artists

We’re in the midst of Honukkah 2023 and, as Joni Mitchell would say, “It’s coming on Christmas”, and with all that’s happening in the world, it’s something that should be celebrated right now. I’ve discovered, over time, that Disney fans and collectors are the most avid lovers and celebrants of Christmas, Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, and any other winter holiday they can embrace. Disney fans believe in finding joy. They (or maybe should I say, YOU) believe in finding the best, seeing the good, and celebrating that, no matter what else is happening. So, how about holiday greetings from Disney fine artists to all of their fans? YES! YES, THAT’S A GREAT IDEA!…

This love of Disney and joy is evidenced by some of the popular shorts and features embraced during the darkest times in American history. Some of Disney’s earliest Christmas cartoons were released during the Great Depression. 1931’s Mickey’s Orphans, 1932’s Santa’s Workshop and Mickey’s Good Deed, and 1933’s The Night Before Christmas were all not only innovative, but also joyful holiday Disney cartoon shorts. Through the years, Walt Disney Studios has released what have become some of the classic cartoons connected to the season, including the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, which was part of 1940’s Fantasia, Once Upon a Wintertime, released as part of 1948’s Melody Time, Lady and the Tramp, which in 1955 features lovely Christmas scenes, and of course more recent favorites like 2009’s 4-time Emmy winner, Prep & Landing, which you SHOULD ABSOLUTELY SEE! (It’s on Disney+, along with a bunch of other Disney holiday classics, and you can find them HERE


Keeping all that history in mind, I am honored that when I put a call out to some of my favorite Disney Fine Artists, many came back with very sweet and appreciative holiday wishes to their collectors and fans! Below are their names and some of their best official Disney limited editions available to collectors, which you can click to see their whole collection.



“So often around the holidays, it takes such effort to really get into the spirit, we are in such a whirlwind preparing for Disney art events and shows. Then Ewa and I realize how incredibly lucky we are to be a part of this Disney family. Collectors are so generous and so kind to us, and say such wonderful things about the art I create, it brings us right back to why we celebrate the season. It’s about family, and kindness, and gratitude. We want to take this time to thank all of you for being so supportive of my work and to all my fellow artists that create Disney images. Disney is about finding joy, and that’s exactly what the holidays are about.

Thank you all for all your support and kindness, and for all the time I get to spend with the collectors who support my art. I look forward to a great new year, creating more art, and meeting more of you. Happy Holidays!

Bill Silvers & Ewa Podolska-Silvers”


“I am so lucky to be able to say that I love the people I get to work with at Disney Fine Art and every one of you who have come into my life over the years. A little over a decade ago, if you’d told me I would be working with Michael and his amazing team at DFA creating Disney artwork, I probably would’ve laughed. How awesome is it that I have been blessed to work with such good people and stories that are so beloved! It has truly been a gift to me. I hope and strive to return that gift to all of you through painting in the decades to come.

Humbly yours and the Happiest of Holidays,

Heather Edwards”


It’s hard to believe it’s time for decorations, carols, and holiday get-togethers already. It’s been such a busy year of creating new work, this year seemed to go by in a blink.Next year is already looking like it’s going to be even busier. I can’t thank my fans enough for their continued support. Rest assured I’ll continue to push myself to produce the best possible Disney art I can to keep those smiles and dreams alive.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, peace and love to everyone!

Craig Skaggs”


It still blows my mind that I get to do what I love everyday, the thing I’ve done ever since I could first hold a pencil, and that’s to bring my favorite characters to life through art. It’s only been possible because of all the love and support I’ve received these past 20 years from galleries and collectors all over the world. I’m forever grateful. To Leslie at ArtInsights and to all her collectors, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a new year filled with happiness and amazing art!

Cheers, Tim”


“Happy Holidays to all! This has been a very busy year of creating many new Disney Fine Art original paintings and Limited Editions. Thank you so much to all my collectors who love and appreciate the art so much. All the hard work really is a dream come true and I love sharing it with all of you.

See you real soon, Michelle”


As 2023 comes to a close, I want to reflect on my artisticjourney so far. I’m so grateful to Disney and the Disney community for being a huge part of my creative life and continuing to inspire me as I go forward to tell my own stories. Without Disney, I wouldn’t have had the grounding to understand storytelling and creating magic. I’ll always be proud of the time I spent at the studios helping create timeless tales with incredible teams. Thank you, to every member of this community who has made it possible to make beautiful things.



““Dreams come true …when the work is put forth.” We are living the dream.Thanks to all our fans and collectors who make it possible.We are so ever grateful.We wish you all a joyful holiday and may all your wishes come true.

Greg and Nath McCullough”


“Wishing everyone a happy holiday, Christmas, winter, day off, and new year season! All the best to you all!

John Rowe”




“I love this time of year. Being able to see family and friends is the part I cherish the most. Living in Canada our Christmas season is usually always white and chilly. One of our traditions is homemade hot chocolate with alot of marshmallows after a day of skiing. Sometimes with a little extra something. Our Disney tree is up and shining bright and the gifts are showing up underneath. This year has flown by with all the Disney events and shows. I can’t tell you how much I love creating the art for the different galleries. I think one of my favorite part is seeing my prints on the Shop Disney site. Its a pinch me moment. I am grateful everyday that this is how I making my living. Merry Christmas to everyone.



“I’m humbled waking up every morning knowing that I’m able to do what I love to do. It’s an added blessing knowing that I can create Disney, Star Wars and Marvel art aside from my own fine art. In this season I wish all the best to the Disney collectors, galleries, and fans from all over the world that have collected my artwork… I feel super grateful and blessed to have had all your support through the years. Merry Christmas and Happy 2024!

Rodel Gonzales”


“I paint Disney art for grown ups! My new Soul work is the perfect example of grown up art . Soul is being released again next year, and I have some new cool pieces coming, even a silk screened piece. Happy Holidays!

Jim Salvati”


We at ArtInsights wish you happy days, holidays and beyond, and a very safe and prosperous new year for 2024. We feel incredibly fortunate that we’ve been so successful, not only in our gallery space for the last 30 years, but now in our new hybrid model. And, REALLY, we couldn’t do it, we couldn’t work staring at nature and with cats curled up nearby, without you. You, our loyal clients, have bought great art and supported us through all the best and worst years, and we are humbled and so appreciative that you trust us and honor us with your support. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! and now it’s on to 2024. The best is yet to come!

Love, peace, and joy,

Leslie and Michael (and T’Challa and Lobo, our home gallery cat-interns!)

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