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Happy 25th Anniversary, Reston Town Center!


“IN CELEBRATION–it’s a NEVER BEFORE AND NEVER AGAIN kind of announcement!”

We are letting our “Business Besties” who read our blog, are fans of us, and keep up with our “goings on” know that we are doing something very special, something we’ve NEVER done before, (and won’t do again!), for the 25th anniversary of Reston Town Center and in conjunction with the day of celebration happening in the center on Sunday, October 18th, from 12:00 to 4:00 pm.

This shopping center was part of the first planned community of its kind in the country, and was all the brainchild of Robert E. Simon.  Bob recently passed away with his usual grace and lots of admirers, at the age of 101, on September 21st. Any of you who knew him know he will be missed!

ArtInsights has been here since the beginning.  Before our lovely wood floor was installed in 11921 Freedom Drive, there was dirt.  DIRT! We saw ten different stores and businesses open and close across the hall in that time, only to finally see them put the management office in the space…as if we needed a reminder that retail isn’t for the faint of heart!!

We are so grateful to the many loyal and supportive clients and friends we’ve had all this time, and we are so proud to say Bob Simon was one of those clients, and a good friend to the store.  Only a few weeks before he passed, I saw him doing his usual walk around the center and said Hi.  He invited me to walk with him and asked me how the store was doing.  (I thought i’d have to remind him who we were.  Instead he brought up the last framing job Michael did for him.)

In honor of our still moving forward, (Huzzah!) still being here, still making new friends, being supported by longtime clients… … and in honor of Robert E. Simon and his lifetime of commitment to bettering the environments around him, we are going to offer 25% off of every single thing that is in our store at Reston Town Center, to anyone who comes into the store between 12 pm and 4 pm on October 18th.

You can be a part of the many other festivities in the center that day as well, which include live music, free refreshments, and pumpkin decorating. It’s going to be a fun day, and we’d love to see you!

so…HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY, RESTON TOWN CENTER!! and thank you all for your support!

*the small, or teeny, tiny, but stating the obvious, print:

Only people who come in to the gallery or call about art hanging in the gallery will qualify for the 25% off, and the 25% is only from exactly 12 pm to 4 pm eastern standard time. This is not for use with special orders, commissions, or pieces not yet released. Should shipping be required as part of the sale, costs are whatever is quoted by the shipping company being used.

Call us if you have any questions or are curious if something on our site is actually in our store, that you can call about or visit us to buy on the anniversary.

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