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Oo-de-lally Robin Hood Embellished Giclee on Canvas by Heather Edwards

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Oo-De-Lally Robin Hood Embellished Giclee on Canvas by Heather Edwards celebrates the classic story and the beloved Disney feature.

About Oo-De-Lally Robin Hood, Heather Edwards explains: "If you look at every single one of those characters in there, 10 of them, every single one of the characters has a different expression. So you know, just if we're working from top you've got this kind of jubilant storytelling of the rooster, Alan-A-Dale, then if you drop down to the elephant, he's what I call the newbie in the court. This is first time he's ever seen Prince John have a tantrum, and so he's jolting, wondering, "Oh, what is that? What is he doing? What's his problem?" If you go next to him to the rhinos, the one rhino that's taller, he's just rolling his eyes. He's like, "Oh, man, not again!" The rhino next to him is crossing his arms, thinking to himself, "If I have to put up with another one of these tantrums, I swear, I'm gonna knock the guy out." Because, you know, he's totally fed up with the tantrums. And then you've got Prince John, and he's sucking his thumb and pouting because he's lost his carriage, which is in the distance down the road. He's lost all of his clothes to the rogues. Then you have the snake, Sir Hiss, and he's just absolutely annoyed, slapping his hat back on his head, "Oh, if he would just listen to me." If you move over to Little John, he's just laughing it up, enjoying the whole thing. This is all just a hoot for him. Beside him is the mama rabbit, and she has this look of gratitude on her face. She is absolutely humbled and grateful for all that Robin has done for her and her family. If you see Skippy, the little rabbit, he's just awed. He's in front of his hero. Robin Hood has this look of compassion on his face, for those who have less than he has, and he's there to give them whatever he can give them. Every single one of those characters has a different expression, and that's what 2020 was for me. I discovered was just this whole roller coaster of emotions and I felt all of those things very distinctly, including gratitude, compassion, and frustration. "

Oo-De-Lally Robin Hood comes rolled in a tube, is signed by the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

**Look for Mickey Mouse represented at the Brave Little Tailor. Can you find it?

About Heather Edwards (formerly Heather Theurer):

Some stories begin on well-defined roads or with billboard accomplishments. But the story of an artist usually begins somewhere less noticeable, perhaps even unrecognizable to most. It is just such a beginning that gave life to the art of creator, Heather Edwards. Paintings were born from 5:45 a.m. mornings during summer breaks from school in Paradise, Utah, waking up to breathe in the crisp air and watch the sun rise and glow through the blades of grass in the lawn. Ideas sprung from thunderstorms, the struggles of working on a small farm and from the loyal companionship of pets. Personal experiences combined to shape the narrative behind each forthcoming creation.

From that vantage point, life itself became the paint on the brush and the guiding force behind everything Heather made and from as early as her pre school years she knew that making art was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. However, receiving extra training or attending an acknowledged art school were not to be part of her story. Yet, it was from her own father that she learned one of her most valuable lessons: observe. It was a simple enough concept, but it stuck.

Heather's paintings are the product of decades of observation of people, of environments, of animals and of textiles, as well as the convergence of every scrap of knowledge that came attached to them. The wonder and magic of Disney movies, both the imagery and the music, also helped cultivate the ideas that began to take form in painting, and now, boldly recreating Disney characters in a way that brings them into the realism of our world has become an exciting new passion.

Shared and collected around the world, Heather Edwards's paintings are constructed in the midst of a bustling family with five children in Las Vegas, Nevada. And although that poses a multitude of challenges of its own, her art has gone on to get the attention of USA Today, the LA Times and received recognition and awards from respected organizations such as Art Renewal Center, Artist's Magazine and Spectrum, among others.

To Heather, every painting is personal, but not necessarily in the way most might think. "I don't necessarily want the viewer to have the same response to my painting as I have. Instead, my hope is that the expression I paint on the board through hours of observation and execution of detail will speak to them in a way that ignites thoughts and feelings unique to them."