Robin Hood Original and Limited Edition Art

Robin HoodRobin Hood is a heroic outlaw from English folklore. He is famed for his swordfighting and archery skills and is best known for "robbing the rich and giving to the poor," assisted by his band of "Merry Men." The origin of the legend of Robin Hood is claimed to stem from actual outlaws or from ballads and tales of outlaws. He became a popular figure in folklore in medieval period and continues to be one to this day in modern literature, films and television.   This Robin Hood appears in Disney's 1973 film, Robin Hood, where he is the heroic outlaw that protects the village and villagers of Nottingham. Robin is helped in his adventures by his famous sidekick, Little John. Robin battles injustice and helps the impoverished people of Nottingham from the tyranny of Prince John, who has taken the throne while his brother, King Richard the Lionhearted, is off fighting in the crusades. Robin uses guile, elaborate costumes and schemes and his prodigious skill in archery and swordfighting to regularly trick and rob the Prince and outwit the Prince's crony, the Sheriff of Nottingham. In addition, Robin maintains a romantic relationship with Maid Marian, a noblewoman that he knew as a child.
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