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Mickey Donald and Pluto Lonesome Ghosts Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas by Don Ducky Williams

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20 x 36
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This Mickey Donald and Pluto Lonesome Ghosts limited edition giclee on canvas by Don Ducky Williams shows three Disney fan favorites on one of their best cartoons!

Lonesome Ghosts is signed and numbered is in an edition of 195, and comes rolled in a tube.

ABOUT Lonesome Ghosts's artist, Don Ducky WIlliams:

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, Don “Ducky” Williams wrote his first letter to Walt Disney at age 10. His desire to be a Disney artist intensified as Don grew up, but had to be put on hold while he spent four years in the U.S. Navy. After his tour of duty, he returned to Massachusetts and became employed at a local savings bank, Don still yearned to be with Disney and spent much of his spare time drawing and painting the Disney characters. After much determination and perseverance, Don left the bank and moved to Florida to pursue his life long dream, which was realized in 1980. Now, after nearly 37 years with Disney’s Yellow Shoes, The acclaimed Senior Character artist, Don “Ducky Williams has drawn literally thousands of Disney stars for books, lithographs, brochures, magazine ads, and television.

You can see Don drawing Mickey here:


About Lonesome Ghosts:

Lonesome Ghosts is a 1937 Disney animated cartoon, released through RKO Radio Pictures on December 24, 1937, three days after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937). It was directed by Burt Gillett and animated by Izzy (Isadore) Klein, Ed Love, Milt Kahl, Marvin Woodward, Bob Wickersham, Clyde Geronimi, Dick Huemer, Dick Williams, Art Babbitt, and Rex Cox. The short features Mickey MouseDonald Duck & Goofy as members of The Ajax Ghost Exterminators. It was the 98th short in the Mickey Mouse film series to be released, and the ninth for that year