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Gala Mickey 1933 Mickey and Pluto Embellished Giclee on Canvas by Michael Provenza

When asked about his latest works for the Disney Fine Art portfolio, Rodel has said, “Having the opportunity to create Disney paintings is such a treat because Disney was definitely part of my childhood. I remember watching my first Disney films “Bambi” and “Snow White” and ever since I’ve been mesmerized by the succeeding Disney movies I’ve seen. I believe a painting is a mirror of the painter’s understanding of an insight he has. The Disney paintings each involved such a strong concept that every brushstroke was a joyful anticipation of the finished product. The energy was very strong therefore my intentions were sure and refined. I would say that there was a lot of grace present on every painting.”

Includes Certificate of Authenticity

Embellished Giclee On Canvas
Artwork Dimensions
20 x 25 inches
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Product Description

This Gala Mickey 1933 Mickey and Pluto embellished giclee on canvas by Michael Provenza shows Mickey dreaming of a celebration to come.
Gala Mickey 1933 is signed by Michael Provenza and is shipped rolled.
Here are some great notes about the 1933 cartoon short Mickey's Gala Premier:
  • The cartoon seen in the film, Gallopin’ Romance, was made exclusively for Mickey’s Gala Premier. No separate Mickey Mouse cartoon features this title.
  • Ed Wynn would later play The Mad Hatter in the 1951 film Alice in Wonderland and Uncle Albert in Mary PoppinsMaurice Chevalier would later play Father Sylvain in Monkeys, Go Home! and sing the theme song of The Aristocats. Both would go on to be named a Disney Legend, an award given to those who have made an outstanding contribution to The Walt Disney Company.
  • Adolphe Menjou would make his last film performance in the 1960 film Pollyanna.
  • Helen Hayes would later play Grandma Steinmetz in Herbie Rides Again.
  • This was the first time Mickey was depicted interacting with humans.[citation needed]
  • At this point in time, the Mickey shorts were released through United Artists, but the only currently existing prints of this short are reissue prints that omit any mention of UA. However, the "titles" for the short-within-a-short Gallopin’ Romance shows the UA credits, giving a modern-day viewer an idea on how a Mickey Mouse cartoon opening might have looked like in the UA era.