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The Art of Dr. Seuss

The Art of Dr. Seuss through Chase Art Companies has the exclusive art of Dr. Seuss, created by Theodor Seuss Geisel! It encompasses illustrations for his 44 children’s books penned under the pseudonym Dr. Seuss as well as some books published under his other pen name Theo LeSieg. There are also never-before-seen artworks under the Secret Art of Dr. Seuss.

Works from The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection are only available for acquisition through an Authorized Dr. Seuss Gallery.

Please contact the gallery for information about purchasing a Dr. Seuss artwork. Email us at or call toll-free at 800-820-1717.

If you would like to verify our status as an Authorized Dr. Seuss Gallery, you may contact Chase Art Companies at 888.224.2731 ext. 0 or

Sopwith Productions

Sopwith Productions is the official distributor of Peanuts Art made by Bill Melendez and Charles M. Schulz. They carry a number of original and limited edition cels from the comic strips as well as movie specials.

Ruth Clampett Studio Collections

At Clampett Studio Collections we are proud to be the publisher of the Warner Bros. fine art program. CSC was established in 2001 after the closing of the Warner Bros. Studio Stores, to continue the tradition of Warner Bros. art being the most innovative and well-designed animation art in the industry. Since our inception we’ve also expanded our line to include both traditional and contemporary interpretive artists with varied subject matter. We distribute our line to the finest animation and entertainment galleries in the country. Over our twelve years we have developed hundreds of editions and launched major art programs for the studio. So as you browse though our site you can be confident knowing we bring decades of expertise from the art and animation industry into everything that we do.

The owner and founder of this business is Ruth Clampett.