Vintage Disney

Vintage Disney artwork in the form of cels, lobby cards, and other-hand-drawn images! Own a part of art history with these original works used in the making or marketing of the film! Some of the Vintage Disney treasures you may find here: Model sheets can also be referred to as character boards or studies. They are an exercise in various body and facial movements for specific characters used as a reference for all character animators. This enables the dozens or even hundreds of animators involved in bringing this one character to life an understanding of proportions and mannerisms for that particular character so that there is continuity throughout the film. Production cels are transparent sheets on which the main character and/or the objects in motion are drawn or painted on. When a series of these are laid on a static background, it gives a sense of movement in space. Lobby Cards are were created by the movie's marketing department and sent to theaters as a way to market the movies release. Most of these were used for the original marketing and as such, there are normal wear and tears so the condition will be as-is. Click on the individual lobby card pages to see the unique details.
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