Star Trek Original and Limited Edition Art (2009)

In 2233, the Federation starship USS Kelvin is investigating a lightning storm in space when a Romulan ship, the Narada, emerges from it and attacks. The Narada's captain, Nero (Eric Bana), meets with Captain Robau (Faran Tahir) of the Kelvin aboard the Narada. Robau is killed after professing no knowledge of the Vulcan Ambassador Spock and stating the current stardate. Nero orders the Kelvin's destruction. Acting Captain George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) orders the ship's personnel evacuated via shuttlecraft, including his pregnant wife, Winona (Jennifer Morrison), who is in labor. Kirk sacrifices himself to steer the Kelvin on a collision course. Winona and George agree to name their newborn son Jim seconds before the ships collide. Several years later, a young Spock (Jacob Kogan), growing up on the planet Vulcan, is discriminated against for being half-human. As an adult (Zachary Quinto), he declines to join the Vulcan Science Academy, instead joining Starfleet. On Earth, James Kirk (Chris Pine) has become a reckless but intelligent young man. After a bar fight involving Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Kirk meets Captain Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood), who challenges him to emulate his father's heroism and join Starfleet. Three years later, Kirk is accused of cheating during the Kobayashi Maru test in the presence of its programmer, Spock. The trial is interrupted when Starfleet receives a distress signal from Vulcan. With the primary fleet out of range, the cadets are mobilized to crew awaiting ships in orbit. Though Kirk is on suspension, his friend Leonard McCoy (Karl Urban) smuggles him aboard the USS Enterprise. Kirk learns that a lightning storm similar to the one the day his father died was reported shortly before the distress signal was received; he warns Pike that the fleet is heading into a trap. The Enterprise arrives at Vulcan to find the fleet destroyed and the Narada drilling into Vulcan's core. The Narada attacks the Enterprise and Nero orders Pike to surrender himself. Pike agrees, promoting Spock to captain and Kirk to first officer. Kirk and Hikaru Sulu (John Cho) perform a space jump[15][16] onto the drilling platform, disabling it. However, it has drilled deep enough for Nero to launch red matter into the core, creating an artificial black hole. As the planet is consumed, Spock loses his mother (Winona Ryder) along with the majority of Vulcan's population. Nero tortures Pike to gain access to Earth's perimeter defenses. After arguing with Spock over whether or not to confront Nero or join with the rest of Starfleet, Kirk is marooned on Delta Vega for mutiny. Kirk encounters Ambassador Spock (Leonard Nimoy), who states that Nero and himself are from the future. Spock relays his story through a mind meld: 129 years in the future, the galaxy is threatened by a volatile supernova. Spock intended to use red matter to create a black hole to consume it, but before he could enact his plan, the supernova's nebula destroyed the planet Romulus. Nero attacked Spock's vessel with the Narada, and both were caught in the event horizon of the black hole, sending them back in time. The Narada arrived first, encountering the Kelvin. Spock arrived 25 years later and was captured by Nero, who stranded him on Delta Vega to watch Vulcan's destruction. Spock states that only Kirk can stop Nero. The two walk to a nearby Starfleet outpost where they meet Montgomery Scott (Simon Pegg), who beams onto the Enterprise with Kirk. Following Ambassador Spock's advice, Kirk deliberately enrages acting Captain Spock, forcing him to acknowledge that he is emotionally compromised and forfeit command to Kirk. The Enterprise hides behind Saturn's moon, Titan, so Kirk and Spock can beam aboard the Narada. Kirk rescues Pike while Spock uses Ambassador Spock's ship to destroy the drill then pilot a collision course into the Narada; the Enterprise arrives and beams Kirk, Pike, and Spock away at the last moment. Spock's ship and the Narada collide, igniting the red matter and creating a black hole that destroys the Narada and almost claims the Enterprise. On Earth, Kirk is promoted to captain of the Enterprise and Captain Pike to admiral. Spock encounters his older self in a hangar. Ambassador Spock has selected a planet to colonize for the surviving Vulcans. He dissuades his younger self from resigning from Starfleet to help his species, stating that he and Kirk need each other and that he should do what feels right, instead of what is logical. Spock remains in Starfleet, becoming first officer under Kirk's command. 
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