Rocketeer, The Original and Limited Edition Art (1991)

1938. Los Angeles, California. Stunt pilot Cliff Secord and his mechanic A. "Peevy" Peabody stumble onto an experimental rocket pack stashed in a biplane in their employer's hanger. The rocket pack was stolen from Howard Hughes' factory for Neville Sinclair, a Hollywood movie star and Nazi secret agent.   Cliff experiments with the rocket pack, learning how to fly with it. He becomes a hero when he saves his friend from a malfunctioning airplane during an airshow. He dons a special face-hiding helmet desinged by Peevy and becomes the Rocketeer. However, he must contend with the FBI and Howard Hughes and the Eddie Valentine gang and their employer, Neville Sinclair, who want the rocket pack for different reasons. Hughes and the FBI wish to keep the jetpack from falling into the wrong hands and Sinclair wishes to give the pack to the Nazi's who would use the technology to invade America. Cliff must fight Sinclair and the Valentine gang, prevent them from getting the rocket pack and save his girlfriend, Jenny, and all over America.  
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