Ratatouille Original and Limited Edition Art (2007)

In Ratatouille, Remy is a rat gifted with a sense of smell. Inspired by his idol, the recently deceased chef Auguste Gusteau, Remy's dream is to be a chef. However, he is tasked to sniff out rat poison for his pack. When the pack is forced to abandon its home in the French countryside, Remy is separated and ends up in the sewers of Paris. Remy has hallucinations of Gusteau and takes his advice before finding himself at the skylight overlooking the kitchen of Gusteau's restaurant.   As Remy watches, Linguini, a son of Gusteau's "old flame," is hired as a garbage boy by Skinner, the restaurant's current owner and Gusteau's former sous-chef. While cleaning, Linguini spills a pot of soup and attempts to recreate it with random ingredients. Remy accidentally falls into the kitchen and corrects the soup. He is caught by Linguini at the same time that Skinner catches Linguini near the soup. As they argue, the soup is served and found to be a success, misattributed to Linguini. Colette Tatou, the staff's only female chef, convinces Skinner to retain Linguini. Linguini takes Remy home, realizing he is the "little chef" behind the soup.   Remy discovers that he can control Linguini's movements by pulling on his hair.   Remy and Linguini find a means to overcome the inability to communicate, as Remy can control Linguini like a marionette by pulling on his hair. Safely hidden under a toque blanche, Remy helps Linguini demonstrate his cooking skills to Skinner. At that, Skinner assigns Colette to train their new cook into the profession and the restaurant's practices. Although she is initially intimidating owing to the struggles she had with the profession's hostility to female entrants, Colette soon warms to her protege as he respectfully learns under her.   Suspicious of Linguini's newfound talents, Skinner learns that the boy is truly Gusteau's son and proper heir to the restaurant; this would foil Skinner's plan to use Gusteau's name for marketing microwave dinners. Remy discovers Skinner's evidence and, after eluding Skinner, brings them to Linguini, who takes control of the restaurant and removes Skinner, much to the rest of the staff's delight. The restaurant continues to thrive, and Linguini and Colette develop a budding romance, leaving Remy feeling left out. One night, Remy finds his brother Emile searching for food behind the restaurant, and is brought back to the pack to be reunited. His father, Django, warns Remy that he cannot trust humans, but Remy denies this and returns to help Linguini.   Restaurant critic Anton Ego, whose previous review cost Gusteau's one of its star ratings, announces he will be re-reviewing the restaurant the following evening. After an argument between Remy and Linguini, Remy leads a raid on the restaurant's pantries. Linguini catches them and throws them out. Depressed, Remy reacts too late to avoid capture by Skinner, who is now aware of Remy's gourmet skills. Remy is freed the next day by Django and Emile, and he returns to the restaurant where Linguini apologizes to him, and shows the rat to the rest of the staff. The staff leaves, but Colette returns after recalling Gusteau's motto, "Anyone can cook". As the restaurant fills up with anxious diners, Django arrives with the rest of the pack, offering to help after seeing his son's determination. Remy directs the rats to cook for the patrons while Linguini runs the front of the house; the rats are only briefly distracted by the appearance of a health inspector who gets thrown in the pantry. For Anton, Remy and Colette create a variation of ratatouille, which brings back to Anton memories of his mother's cooking. Skinner discovers the rats involvement in the cooking, but is also thrown in the pantry. After dining, Anton requests to see the chef; Linguini and Colette wait until the rest of the diners have left to introduce Remy and the rats to Anton. After being showed how Remy and the rats perfectly do the cooking, Anton writes a self-castigating and glowing review for the newspaper the next day, stating that Gusteau's chef is "nothing less than the finest chef in France".   Despite the positive review, Gusteau's is closed down due to the rodent infestation, since the rats couldn't let Skinner and the health inspector be locked up the pantry forever, and Anton loses credit as a critic. However, Anton becomes an investor and eagerly helps fund a popular new bistro, "La Ratatouille", created by Linguini and Colette, featuring a kitchen designed for Remy to work in, and dining areas for both humans and rats alike. 
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