Phantom Stallion, The Original and Limited Edition Art (2002-2009)

The Phantom Stallion series is a series of young adult books written by Terri Farley. The series focuses on the life and exploits of a young girl, Samantha "Sam" Forster, who shares a bond with her horse, a wild gray stallion called the Phantom. After a horse-riding accident, Sam is sent away from her family's Nevada ranch to live with her aunt in San Francisco for safety. She returns after two years and feels herself to be out of place back on the ranch, which is a recurring theme in the books. Each book introduces a new horse character as its focus and features Sam and her friends doing everything they can to keep their horses safe.   There is also a spin-off series called The Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island, which takes place in Hawaii, with a new and different cast of characters but still focused on horses.
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