Hollywood is Dead by Matt Busch

In Hollywood is Dead by Matt Busch, the film artist reimagines blockbuster and cult classic movie posters with zombies!  Yes, it sounds like he's jumping on the Walking Dead bandwagon... except the project for these transformative, highly creepy and highly entertaining images started way before that show ever aired and made zombie-lovers of doubting dead-Thomases! Check out the last remaining originals from his project, which was collected into a lovely coffee table book for you to enjoy! About the Artist: Matt Busch has created a name for himself all over the production art business, working on comic books, movies, trading cards, and everything else he can get his hands on. He has even tried his hand at some independent filmmaking. He is dubbed "The Rockstar of Illustration". Originally living in the land of Hollywood, Matt Busch now set his base of operations just outside of Detroit, Michigan. Click here to see more work by Matt Busch.
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