Enchanted Original and Limited Edition Art (2007)

Giselle (Amy Adams) lives in Andalasia, an animated fairy tale world with talking animals, characters breaking into song and "happily ever after" a foregone conclusion. Prince Edward (James Marsden), her designated true love, saves her from a troll and they plan to get married the next day. Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon), Edward's evil stepmother, schemes to protect her throne which she will lose once Prince Edward is married. She throws Giselle into a portal that transports her to a world without "happily ever afters" – modern (and live-action) New York City.

In New York, Giselle soon meets Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey), a hardened, yet friendly divorce lawyer. At his daughter (Rachel Covey) Morgan's insistence, he lets Giselle stay at their apartment. Giselle, following the ways of her fairy-tale world, recruits urban animals – pigeons, cockroaches and rats – to clean his apartment while she fashions a dress out of his curtains. Robert's fiancée, a fashion designer named Nancy (Idina Menzel), misunderstands the situation and runs off after arguing with Robert.

At Robert's law firm, his secretary tries to find Giselle transportation home, but cannot locate Andalasia (and Sam, Robert's secretary, has learned that Andalasia is beyond "the meadows of joy and the valley of contentment"). Giselle becomes very upset when she learns that a couple undergoing a divorce will not be living together happily ever after creating a scene. Afterwards, Robert decides he must part with Giselle in Central Park, but rejoins her after seeing her give the money he gave her to an old woman where she learns that Prince Edward was in New York trying to find her. During their walk through the park, Giselle questions Robert on how he displays his affection for Nancy and spontaneously starts the musical production number "That's How You Know" with many performers in the park joining her. Giselle helps Robert reconcile with Nancy by sending an apology on Robert's behalf via two enchanted doves, along with tickets to the King's and Queen's Ball.

Meanwhile, Queen Narissa's henchman Nathaniel (Timothy Spall) follows Prince Edward and Pip, a speaking chipmunk who is friends with Giselle, who have journeyed to New York to rescue Giselle. They almost encounter her in Central Park. Here, Nathaniel makes his first attempt at killing Giselle (by giving her a poisoned apple disguised as a caramel apple. The attempt fails because Giselle accidentally throws it and it gets lodged in a bicyclist's head, eventually burning through the helmet and the biker's hair, leaving a mark). They then spend a night at a cheap motel, where Nathaniel questions his relationship with Narissa after watching a soap opera. He sneaks out to try to kill Giselle a second time when she and Robert are at an Italian restaurant (this time, he disguises the poisoned apple as a martini). Pip is unable to speak coherently in this world and has a frustrating time alerting the Prince to Nathaniel's intentions. Narissa becomes infuriated when Nathaniel reports that his two attempts have failed.

As Giselle and Robert spend more time together, Giselle discovers that the real world is much more complicated than she realized, while Robert is affected by her optimism and idealism. After fighting with him becoming angry for her first time, Giselle has a revelation about her own emotional growth and her growing feelings toward Robert. Edward continues to look for Giselle and eventually finds her at Robert's apartment. While Edward is eager to take Giselle home, they go on a date around New York at her insistence. Giselle and Edward finish their date at the King's and Queen's Ball and meet up with Robert and Nancy. After Nancy and Edward pair off to dance, Giselle dances with Robert. During their dance, Giselle realizes that Robert is her true love as he, very softly, sings the lyrics of the song to her. Edward and Nancy seem to realize the attraction between Giselle and Robert and that also discover that they fit better together romantically. Unbeknownst to them, Narissa has traveled to New York from Andalasia. Under her old hag's disguise, she manages to successfully poison Giselle, but is stopped by Edward before she can escape with Giselle's unconscious body.

A remorseful Nathaniel reveals Narissa's plot, admits his deeds and reveals that the spell of the poison apple has to be broken before midnight or Giselle will die. Robert realizes that only True Love's Kiss can revive Giselle, but it doesn't work for Edward. Desperate, Edward begs a hesitant Robert to try. Nancy gives her consent and Robert kisses the sleeping Giselle. Giselle awakens to Robert's kiss and admits that she knew that he was her true love. Narissa uses the distracting moment to break free. She transforms into a dragon, deciding to write her own ending to the story. Taking Robert hostage after he tries to protect Giselle, she lures Giselle out the window and up to the top of the Woolworth Building. With help from Pip, Narissa falls from the roof to her death, exploding into magic dust at street level. Giselle catches Robert, and they manage to keep themselves from falling off the roof, ending in a romantic embrace.

Edward finds Giselle's discarded shoe, places it on Nancy's foot à la Cinderella, they happily run off to Andalasia and are married. Giselle runs Nancy's old boutique in New York City using her magical dress-making talents, where she is assisted by both humans and animals. Both Nathaniel (in New York) and Pip (in Andalasia) become successful authors. The last scene shows Giselle, Robert, and Morgan playing together and living happily ever after. 

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