Black Stallion, The Original and Limited Edition Art (1941-1989)

The Black Stallion series is a bestselling book series about a black stallion and his young owner, Alec Ramsay. The series chronicles the story of the stallion, originally an Arab sheikh's prized horse, after it comes into Alec's possession. Later books would furnish the Stallion's backstory as well as tell the stories of the Stallion's three main offspring: Satan, Bonfire and Black Minx.   The first book in the series, The Black Stallion, was originally published in 1941. The Stallion is described as "the most famous fictional horse of the century" by The New York Times.   There have been a total of 20 Black Stallion books written by Walter Farley, with one written with his son, Steven Farley, called The Young Black Stallion, a prequel that tells the story of the Stallion before the start of the series when he is owned by Shiekh Abu Ja'Kub ben Ishak.
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