A Bug’s Life Original and Limited Edition Art (1998)

Every season, a colony of ants are expected to gather food for a protection racket of grasshoppers. One ant, Flik, is a promising inventor who isn't appreciated due to his inventions causing trouble. While trying out a mechanical harvester, he accidentally knocks the pile of food into a stream just before the grasshoppers arrive. The grasshopper leader, Hopper, gives the ants the rest of the season to gather more but orders double after Flik stands up to him in defense of the Queen's young daughter and his only supporter, Dot. As a result of his mistake, Flik is admonished by the colony's council. When Flik suggests that he try to recruit warrior bugs to fight the grasshoppers, Dot's older sister and the successor to the Queen, Princess Atta, allows him to do so, but only as a fool's errand to get rid of him.

Flik reaches the insect city (parody of New York City), which is actually garbage under a trailer. He encounters a troupe of unemployed circus performers whose latest performance has just ended in disaster and mistakes them for the warriors he needs. At the same time, they believe him to be a talent scout who wants to book their act. They return to the colony, to Atta's surprise, and are greeted as heroes who can fight the grasshoppers. After a well-meaning presentation by the ant children of the "heroic" (violent) events theoretically about to unfold, Flik and the troupe realize their misunderstandings with each other, raising Atta's suspicions. While about to leave the colony, the troupe reconsider when they manage to save Dot from being attacked by a hungry bird.

Flik proposes to build a model bird to scare Hopper away. Whilst working together on the bird, the troupe members bond with the colony. Atta and Flik, who share mutual feelings of pleasing everyone, begin an awkward attraction for each other. At the grasshopper's hideout, Hopper's brother Molt suggests that they do not come back, since they have more than enough food and that it will rain. Hopper reminds him and everyone else to keep ants living in fear because of the latters' superior numbers, and they all set out to collect their due.

Eventually, circus master P. T. Flea arrives looking for his missing performers and unknowingly exposes them. Angered by Flik's deception, Atta exiles him from the colony, while the other ants rush to collect whatever food they can for Hopper. When the grasshoppers arrive, the ants are unable to meet Hopper's demands, so Hopper and his cronies take over the colony and force them to bring them food. Dot overhears their plans to kill the Queen, catches up with Flik and the troupe, and persuades them to return and put their plan into action.

Flik, with help from Dot and her friends, fly the bird, which frightens the grasshoppers senseless, but P. T. Flea, thinking the bird to have injured Manny, sets it on fire. Realizing the bird is a fake, Hopper has his assistant Thumper injure Flik. Flik, however, is able to stand up and reveals that the ants are more powerful than they are led to believe, with grasshoppers being the weak, reliant ones. Realizing this, the ant colony and the circus gang swarms against the grasshopper gang and forces the gang, except Hopper, to leave. However, a rainstorm begins, causing panic in which Hopper grabs Flik and flies off. Atta rescues Flik and they lure Hopper toward the bird's nest. When they reach the bird's nest, Hopper corners Flik, and then is confronted by the bird, whom he at first believes to be another fake, but eventually discovers it to be real. Hopper attempts to run away, but the bird corners him and picks him up in his beak. Flik and Atta look away as the bird lowers Hopper into its nest, where Hopper is promptly eaten by the bird's chicks.

The next spring, the colony has adopted Flik's harvester to speed up grain collection, and Atta becomes the new queen, passing the princess crown to Dot and choosing Flik as her mate. They wave goodbye to the troupe, now joined by Hopper's younger brother Molt (who is now renamed, Tiny), who all stayed over winter as guests. 

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