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Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree Winnie 1966 Original Production Cel

Artwork Dimensions
character size 4 x 7

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Product Description

This original production cel from the original cartoon, created as an Art Corner piece, was given to a Disney employee.  It is in original, perfect condition and from the most iconic moment from the entire film. Contact us for availability and pricing.


Winnie the Pooh is introduced as a bear living in the Hundred Acre Wood. After doing his Stoutness Exercises, he is disappointed to find that he is out of honey. He hears a bee fly by and decides to climb a nearby honey tree, but as he reaches the beehive, a branch he is sitting on breaks, causing him to fall and land in a gorse bush. Pooh's best friend Christopher Robin gives Pooh a balloon and he tries his best to trick the bees by disguising himself as a Little Black Rain Cloud by rolling in a muddy puddle and floating up to the bees' nest. Without looking, he pulls out some honey covered in bees and eats them with the honey. They fly around inside his mouth causing him to spit them out. One of the bees is the queen who Pooh kicks down into the muddy puddle. By now the other bees have realized what is going on and they fly out to meet him as his disguise starts to drip revealing that he is in fact a bear. The queen bee sees this and angrily flies up and stings his bottom. The sudden hit causes him to swing back and forth and jam his bottom in the hive. The queen bee rests on a nearby branch and starts laughing heartily at Pooh's expense. The now nervous Pooh admits to Christopher Robin that these are the wrong sorts of bees, and is shoved out of the hole by them who proceed to chase him away.

Pooh, still hungry, decides to visit Rabbit’s house, as Rabbit "uses short, easy words like 'how about lunch?' and 'help yourself, Pooh." Rabbit reluctantly invites Pooh in where Pooh helps himself to jars and jars of honey. When Pooh has eaten all of the honey in Rabbit's house, he tries to leave, but is too large to fit through Rabbit's door. Rabbit tries to free Pooh by pushing him through his door, but realizes he will need help to get Pooh out, and leaves via his back door to fetch Christopher Robin for help. Owl flies past and tries to give Pooh advice, but is then interrupted by Gopher, who claims he can use dynamite to blast Pooh out of the hole.

Despite the effort of Christopher Robin and Rabbit pulling together, Pooh does not budge. Pooh is worried he may be stuck for a while, and while he is, Rabbit decides to decorate Pooh's bottom so he will not have to face looking at him being stuck for so long. He decorates Pooh's bottom into a moose-like "hunting trophy". While he is doing this, Kanga and Roo visit Pooh and give him some honeysuckle flowers which make Pooh sneeze, ruining Rabbit's moose. Rabbit is forced to put up a "Don't feed the bear!" sign after Pooh tries to get honey from Gopher.

Rabbit leans against Pooh one morning and feels him move a bit. Ecstatic, Rabbit and Christopher Robin gather the whole of the Hundred Acre Wood to get Pooh out. Everyone except Rabbit pulls from outside while Rabbit pushes from inside. Rabbit shoves Pooh with a running start, and Pooh is launched free from Rabbit's door and into the air while the others fall to the ground, and they watch as Pooh shoots into the hole of another honey tree. The gang runs after Pooh and finds him stuck in the tree headfirst. Christopher Robin shouts up to him not to worry, but Pooh is happily eating the honey that fills the inside of the tree and tells his friends to take their time.