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The Warmth of Love Frozen Treasures on Canvas by Jim Salvati

Artwork Dimensions
9" x 18"
Edition Size



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Product Description

Feel the warmth of love with this new Frozen painting from Jim Salvati. Hand-embellished on hand-textured canvas.

Subject to availability. These sell fast.

Edition size of 1500.


About Jim Salvati:

Describing his portraits as contemporary realism, Salvati sees his paintings as his portal into various cultures and different areas of society. “I like the connection between people and their culture,” he says. “The different emotions, gestures, moods, environments, and style of people in my life and those that I cross paths with, all become part of my storytelling. Even with my Disney art, I think it’s important to show who a person or character is and what is the most interesting part of their life that which is bold and has guts. I really feed off the reaction of other people to my work. I want to tell all of my subjects’ stories and often the only thing holding me back is time. I race the clock every day.”

Working in oil paint, Salvati uses panel and sometimes mounted paper preferring the option of layering paint to create a lot of texture, as he feels that an uneven surface adds to the emotion of the story. “My paintings are extremely thick and layered,” he says. “I love how experimental oil allows me to be. I can keep the colors moving until I like what they have done to the piece.” My influences are Lucian Frued, Jeffrey Jones, Kent Williams, Yevse Moiseyenko, Andy Warhol John Singer Sargent and Helnwein.

“I prefer the darker side of story telling and image making because it is more interesting than just a milk-toast style. This is how I approach my Disney Fine Art pieces as well. I choose the moodiest and edgiest figures to work on. Cult films like Alice in Wonderland are fun, Fantasia’s hallucinating imagery, and any of the evil, dark queens and princesses help to create more than just a pretty picture.”