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Swept Away Arwen Lord of the Rings Giclee on Canvas by John Alvin

Framed Giclee on Canvas signed by artist
Artwork Dimensions
Framed: 15.5" x 23"
Image: 12.5 x 20
Edition Size




Product Description

Get Swept Away by this gorgeous illustration of Arwen by amazing artist John Alvin

About the artist:

"Creating the promise of a great experience" is how John Alvin described his role as the preeminent designer and illustrator of cinema art in the entertainment industry. In a business where you are only as good as your last job, Alvin was diverse enough in style and creative invention to be one of the ultimate go-to artist for movie posters in Hollywood for over two decades. He designed and illustrated some of the world's most widely recognizable movie art.   From E.T. to Blade Runner, to Blazing Saddles and The Lion King, John Alvin is responsible for many of your favorite movie campaign images...

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John Alvin, who became a close friend of ours, is one of the most prolific and well known of all the cinema artists in history, and belongs in the tiny list of important artists which includes Drew Struzan, Richard Amsel, Bob Peak, and Saul Bass. We are honored to represent the original art of John Alvin, and hope his true fans, new fans, or those who know his very important place in film history will be the ones who will get these wonderful originals. They all come with certificates from his estate. Please call with any questions.

Here is a review of the new book for The Art of John Alvin, written by his wife and partner Andrea Alvin, which every fan should own!

Refresh your memory on Arwen:

Arwen does not appear in Ralph Bakshi's 1978 adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, nor in the 1980 Rankin-Bass adaptation of The Return of the King.

In Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Arwen is played by Liv Tyler. The films gives her a more prominent role than her literary counterpart, although some of her invented scenes seem to be inspired by the The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen.

In the first film, Arwen searches for Aragorn and single-handedly rescues Frodo Baggins from the Black Riders at Bruinen, thwarting them with a sudden flood, summoned by an incantation. In the book, Glorfindel had been sent by Elrond to look for the Hobbits and finds them with Aragorn. Glorfindel put Frodo on his own horse and sent him alone across the river to flee the Black Riders, for Elrond had pre-arranged for the river to flood when the Nazgûl entered the water. During this flight Arwen wields the sword Hadhafang, which according to film merchandise was once wielded by her father and had belonged to his grandmother Idril Celebrindal.[5] In the film of The Two Towers, the injured Aragorn is revived by a dream or vision of Arwen, who kisses him and asks the Valar to protect him.

Signed by John Alvin