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Serenade of the Heart Treasures on Canvas by Rob Kaz

Gicleé on canvas
Artwork Dimensions
18" x 12"
Edition Size



Shipping Framing

Product Description

A beautiful italian song, a soulful accordion and a starry evening make for a lovely serenade of the heart! Lady and the tramp enjoy a romantic date.


About Rob Kaz:

Using his experience as a character and background artist for Disney, Rob Kaz hopes his use of potent colors and engaging light are vessels that will bring you into the atmosphere of his paintings and leave your spirit wanting to stay. "I want you to long to be in the painting," says Kaz, "To take comfort and smile with a sense of whimsy, a sentiment in my paintings that can be contributed to my influential background in professional studio animation and video game art."

He approaches each painting with a conscious sense of balance between earth and water - most of his paintings have water even if its existence is only implied. "I find natural beauty and a soothing logic in water that meets land that I hope relates as emotions, even if not parallel to my own," he says.

When Rob paints, he imagines "places he'd rather be" and he imagines "friends along the way", both of which are themes that reoccur naturally throughout Rob Kaz’s body of work. In most cases, his paintings include one or the other (and sometimes both).

Today, Rob's work is a mirror of his background in animation. "I am one of the biggest fans of animation art you'll meet and being able to paint Disney is really an honor," he says. "I have had the privilege of working with many Disney artists and they inspired me to make the transition from animation to fine art. I want artists and fans alike to enjoy how I try to expand on the movies and add something more from my perspective."