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Mickey and Minnie Soul Mates Original Oil Painting on Canvas by Andrea Alvin

Artwork Dimensions
24 x 24 inches



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Product Description

This Mickey and Minnie: Soul Mates original oil painting on canvas by Andrea Alvin captures the love and romance in animation that this Disney power couple represents.

As a year-round Valentine for Disney lovers, Mickey and Minnie: Soul Mates is a perfect reminder to stay true to the one you love.

Mickey and Minnie: Soul Mates comes gallery wrapped.

Here is an article on Mickey and Minnie together.

A quote from The Walt Disney Family Museum's article:

"Over the years Minnie has often been the impetus of the story for Mickey; the goal or prize he’s fighting to obtain. This was quite literally the case in 1938’s Brave Little Tailor, when Mickey is mistakenly recruited as a giant killer. When the king offers Mickey millions in gold pazoozas as a reward, Mickey declines. It isn’t until Minnie offers her own hand in marriage, and subsequently decorates Mickey’s face with lipstick, that Mickey rethinks his position. “Whoopee! I’ll cut him down to my size.” You can find the rest of the article HERE.

About Andrea Alvin:

Andrea Alvin paints still lifes. She captures a moment, a piece of nostalgia, or a remembrance. Her work evokes the feelings that “I remember having that,” or “that was my favorite”…

Growing up in Fresno California, the daughter of a beautician and a cattleman, with a standard poodle for a pet, it is no wonder that a sense of humor permeates her work. Spending blazing hot summers in a chlorine - induced haze, with a Popsicle in one hand and a pencil and paper in the other, she began her art career at an early age.  “For as long as I can remember, I knew I would be an artist. “

Alvin graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles CA, (now of Pasadena) in Advertising Design. After graduation, she immediately began working as an animation layout artist and designer for commercial film production houses contributing creatively to many national and regional commercials and worked as a layout artist for Hanna Barbera.

Alvin began painting and exhibiting her unique art in various galleries and venues throughout California. In 1989 she joined ranks with her husband, internationally renowned illustrator, John Alvin, creating their own design and illustration studio specializing in key art for movie posters. Andrea Alvin has contributed to the design and creation of ad campaigns for such movies as: Batman Returns and Batman Forever, Grumpier Old Men for Warner Bros., Pinocchio, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Mulan and The Little Mermaid for Disney Studios; Doc Hollywood and Jurassic Park for Universal.

In 2003 Alvin moved from Los Angeles to New York’s Hudson Valley to pursue her fine art career. She continued to paint throughout her commercial career and it is now her full time occupation. She has exhibited in art galleries throughout the US. Her work influenced by Pop Art and Photorealism. The subjects are very American – post-war, baby-boomer, middle-class American. It’s not apple pie, but Oreo cookies and Necco Wafers as cultural and historical icons that a 60 year old and a 20 year old can reminisce about.  Alvin says, “I love the idea of everyday objects or products, taken beyond the magazine, billboard or TV ad, and lovingly glorified and idealized.”