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Livewire Original Production cel from Double Dose Superman Animated Series

Artwork Dimensions
9 x 17 approximate inches



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Product Description

This is a great original production cel of Livewire from the Superman Animated Series, and it's an oversized cel.

Livewire (née Leslie Willis) is a former shock jock turned into an electrokinetic super villain bent on taking revenge against Superman.

Leslie Willis was a popular WLXL shock jock who made a habit of ridiculing Superman. Leslie's outspoken and polarizing style garnered her as many supporters as disputants. People all over Metropolis listened to Leslie. Lex Luthor, in particular, enjoyed her radio show, "Live Wire". Bibbo had called her up to denounce her attitude and pointing out how Superman is a great guy, and she proceeded to ridicule Bibbo as well. Superman had apparently heard her show, but didn't let it bother him as he considered creating controversy simply to be what shock jocks do.

Leslie was interviewed by Lois Lane and Clark Kent about an upcoming party in Centennial Park to celebrate the third anniversary of her show. As part of the celebration, there was going to be a concert.

During the party, there was an thunderstorm, and police tried to stop the festivities because they were concerned for the crowd's safety. Leslie disregarded the police's warnings, and went so far as to incite the crowd against the police. The chaos continued until Superman arrived, but he couldn't convince her to stop the party. In fact, she took Superman's appearance as an opportunity to ridicule him in public. While basking in the crowd's reverence, Leslie was moved aside by Superman to protect her from a bolt of lightning, attracted to the stage's metal scaffolding, that hit him instead. Leslie made a run for it, but the electricity arced off Superman and struck her, changing her skin and hair color instantaneously. She was taken to Metropolis Hospital, where she recovered and quickly learned that she now had the power to generate and manipulate electricity. The former radio personality renamed herself "Livewire" and wreaked havoc in Metropolis. She blamed Superman for what happened and vowed to kill him.

She used her new abilities to hijack Metropolis and manipulated every medium, including telephones, televisions and billboards.

She announced that she would take control of Metropolis's utilities, declaring that if the public wanted to use them they would have to pay her on a regular basis. However, her power was limited and she needed to recharge her powers regularly, which left her vulnerable. Because of this weakness, Superman was able to track Livewire to a local hydroelectric plant and, in the ensuing battle, she was defeated when exposed to water. After this, she was held under heavy restraint and left in a near catatonic state at Stryker's Island. Her medical care while at Stryker's was financed by Lex Luthor.