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Joan Crawford No More Wire Hangovers original art by Tennessee Loveless




Product Description

Joan Crawford is the ultimate queen of shade in this pop art style portrait of the famous film and tv actress, and the name says it all..."NO MORE WIRE HANGOVERS!" ....make a note of that, Christina!

About the artist:

Tennessee Loveless is a Los Angeles based contemporary pop artist whose bold use of color and pattern evokes an immediate visual impact to the viewer, but also creates a poetic irony,  considering the fact that Loveless is almost completely colorblind.  Despite many obstacles throughout his life and career, he has persevered in pursuing his career as an artist.  He is driven by his passion for painting people and iconic fictional characters in a way that strikes an emotional and nostalgic connection through the power of color and iconography.  His original and limited edition art are highly collectible! His collection for Disney Fine Art explores his interest in high color and pattern saturated concepts. His primary focus at the moment is classic characters from the era of 1928 - 1945, Disney Villains, and Alice in Wonderland. Outside of his collaboration with Disney, Tennessee paints portraits of West Coast drag, cabaret, and celebrity personalities. As a child growing up in Marietta, Georgia, Tennessee watched his peers identify and collect information based on this “invisible force” that people called color. He began to work within two worlds, one that operated within his own vision and perception and the other which he created in his attempts to relate to the rest of the world. This disconnect later ruptured a fascination with the unknown and he began to feverishly occupy his mind with the fundamental understanding of a chromatic world. 

Here's what he has to say on this piece:

Joan Crawford

On May 13th, 1977, through the Campbell Funeral Home in New York, Joan Crawford was buried at 11am. On May 13th, 1977, I was born at 11:00am on the same coast at the Greenville General Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina. While I may not be her reincarnated, that simple fact is one of the weirdest coincidences in my life.
Of course my obsession with Joan Crawford was not about this fact, but more so of her tragic retelling of her life via Christina Crawford’s book/movie “Mommie Dearest”. I’ve always been fascinated with the wicked, primarily because of my own childhood, so when I first saw this film I was transfixed. This piece, entitled “No More Wire Hangovers” was my first portrait of a starlet, and resides under the collection “Dark Sparkling Starlets”, in where I focus on the more turbulent personalities in old Hollywood.