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Harry and The Golden Snitch Harry Potter Limited Edition by Jim Salvati

Limited Edition Giclee on Paper
Artwork Dimensions
Paper: 12 x 17.125
Edition Size



Shipping Framing

Product Description

Harry and the Golden Snitch whiz past spectators in a blur as this fast-paced game of Quidditch is just about to draw to a hold-your-breath conclusion. Artist Jim Salvati truly captures the speed and excitement of seeking the Golden Snitch.

About the Artist:

Jim Salvati is an American painter who has worked with a prestigious list of companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Fox Pictures to name a few. He joined the artistic crew of the Harry Potter series during the third and fourth films of the series.

Artist: Jim Salvati
- Gicleé on Fine Art Paper
- Unframed Retail: $275.00
- Edition Size: 250
- Image Size: 12” x 17 1/8”
- Signed by: Jim Salvati

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Canvas artwork comes rolled or flat. If you are interested in having it stretched or gallery wrapped before being shipped, please contact the gallery.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Harry James Potter (b. 31 July 1980) was a half-blood wizard, who was the only child and son of the late James and Lily Potter (néeEvans), and one of the most famous wizards of modern times. In what proved to be a vain attempt to circumvent a prophecy that stated that a boy born at the end of July of 1980 could be able to defeat him. Lord Voldemort tried to murder him when he was a year and three months old. Voldemort murdered Harry's parents as they tried to protect him, shortly before attacking Harry. This early unsuccessful attempt to vanquish Harry led to Voldemort's first downfall, marking the end of the First Wizarding War and to Harry henceforth being known as the "Boy Who Lived."

One consequence of Lily's loving sacrifice was that her orphaned son had to be raised by her only remaining blood relative, his Muggleaunt Petunia Dursley. While in her care he would be protected from Lord Voldemort, due to the Bond of Blood charm Albus Dumbledo replaced upon him. This powerful charm would protect him until he became of age. As the only known survivor of the Killing Curse (up to that point), Harry was already famous before he arrived at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.