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Hanna Barbera 1959 Model Sheet Quick Draw McGraw Show Baba Looey Snooper and Blabber

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10 x 12 inches



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Here is a great model sheet from the late 50s with multiple characters created for the Quick Draw McGraw series, from a Hanna Barbera animator's estate.  Comes with certificate from ArtInsights.

The Quick Draw McGraw Show is the third cartoon television production created by Hanna-Barbera, starring an anthropomorphic cartoon horse following their success with The Ruff and Reddy Show and The Huckleberry Hound Show. The show debuted in syndication in the fall of 1959, sponsored by Kellogg's. Voice actor Daws Butler performed the lead character. The series featured 3 cartoons per episode, one each by Quick Draw McGraw & Baba Looey, father and son dog duo Augie Doggie & Doggie Daddy and cat and mouse detectives Snooper & Blabber.

Michael Maltese wrote most of the episode stories. Screen Gems originally syndicated the series.

The lead character was usually depicted as a sheriff in these short films set in the American Old West, and was often accompanied by his deputy, a Mexican burro called Baba Looey (Butler). Although technically the side-kick, or deputy, to the main character, Baba Looey is often portrayed as the more thoughtful half of the duo; at times realizing some detail about a given situation and trying desperately without success to caution Quick Draw of a trap or other danger. The exchange would always go as follows: Baba Looey would see a fatal flaw in their plan, and begin voicing a warning such as "I don' thin' we should be doing...", to which he would angrily interrupt with his frequent catchphrase, "I'll do the 'thin'in' around here, Baba Looey!" His plans would then go disastrously wrong, and he would be forced to realize he should have listened to Baba Looey.
Quick Draw was assisted in some cartoons by his bloodhound Snuffles (voiced by Butler), who refused to work until he was given a dog biscuit, after which he would hug himself and spring into the air, floating back down to Earth.
Quick Draw spent a number of cartoons as his alter ego, the masked El Kabong, who used a guitar (a "Kabonger") to bash bad guys into submission. Writer Michael Maltese said the character was inspired by actor Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. as Zorro.

FYI: Augie Doggie was a dachshund!