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Friendship Goals Lilo and Stitch embellished limited edition giclee on canvas by Arienne Boley

Artwork Dimensions
20 x 30 inches
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Product Description

This Friendship Goals Lilo and Stitch limited edition giclee on canvas by Arienne Boley celebrates the fun and joy between the beloved characters from the New Golden Age of animation.

Friendship Goals is shipped rolled in a tube, is hand numbered and signed by the artist.

About Friendship Goal artist Arienne Boley:

"Learning to cultivate our imagination is the fuel we need to be creative. Encouraging others to imagine through my paintings is a large part of my own creative process." Arienne Boley's work is characterized by luminous colors and idealized settings, within which she leverages emotions to convey story. Known for the dream-like quality in her paintings, collectors have found her technique compelling and memorable. Her intensity for life & insatiable curiosity feed her creative process and bring a unique perspective to her paintings.

Born and raised in a small Midwestern community, Arienne spent her childhood immersed in creative outlets and dreaming of making art for large audiences. She has been passionate about art and storytelling ever since she can remember. She grew up with a massive whiteboard that took up a whole wall in her house, and it was there she would sketch and create ideas on a daily basis. To encourage her creativity, her parents would doodle something on the board while she slept, and when she woke up, she would find it and add her own touches, creating her first works of art.

Eventually, Arienne began filling sketchbooks, taking part in every creative opportunity she could find. From pottery to photography and everything in between, Arienne tried her hand at it all, discovering her passion and talent laid in visual storytelling.

Her parents instilled in her the lesson that "success comes from hard work and absolute belief in your dreams". With that in mind, she studied art at Massachusetts at Montserrat College of Art & Design, graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration.

In college she learned to express her own unique perspective as an artist, always bearing in mind the importance of her connection to her audience. She wanted to create not just art, but an experience she shared with them.

Arienne believed the best way to created art with narrative would be through work with Disney, and began pursuing her dream to be a Disney Fine Artist. Having worked for Disney as both a decorator and a character painter, she is now honored to have that dream realized.