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COWABUNGA Snoopy Surfer Limited Edition from Snoopy Come Home

Artwork Dimensions
9.75 x 20.5" cel set up 7.25 x 14.5" story board Image area
Edition Size



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Product Description

Happy 50th anniversary, Snoopy Come Home! Celebrate with this COWABUNGA Snoopy Surfer limited edition from Snoopy Come Home, featuring everyone's favorite fun-loving beagle.

Cowabunga has an incredible amount of hand-inking on it. Here is the cel and all the art on it is hand-inked and hand-painted:

The Cowabunga storyboard, which is created by Larry Leichliter out of many images, represents work on his favorite scene in all those he ever worked on...the third image on the top row is inspired by a drawing he drew for his wife early in their courtship to express sheer joy.

About the Cowabunga Lexicon Series limited edition:

Before Snoopy is hit with the thundering NO DOGS ALLOWED!, he catches a wave, masters the barrel, hits the pocket before he is bowled over by the wave. Snoopy, unfazed, comes up floating on the beach ball, only happens in this dog's life! The last in the Peanuts Lexicon Series, this hand-inked and painted limited edition cel set-up is based on the opening sequence in this full featured film. The cel is accompanied by a signed giclée print story board, the original artwork created by Larry Leichliter depicts the action in the scene.

The art is serial numbered, bears the studio seal, is accompanied by a studio certificate of authenticity, and signed by Larry Leichliter.

Note: An alternate background without the word "COWABUNGA" is available upon request. (but WHY would you want that?...still, we can do it if you prefer!) 

About Snoopy Come Home: