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Battle with the Dragon Harry Potter Giclee on Paper by Mary Grandpre

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Battle with the Dragon was rendered and painted by Mary GrandPré who has created the original work for the American editions of the Harry Potter series. Each print is numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

This image is taken from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Book 4) in which Harry and three other young students face a series of challenges all to test their wizarding mettle and ultimately gain the honor of winning the competition on behalf of their respective schools. In this particular challenge, each competitor blindly selects the dragon they must face as they try to retrieve a dragon's egg. Harry battles the Hungarian Horntail.


About Mary GrandPre:

Mary GrandPré is an American illustrator with a long career in advertisement, magazines, and books, most notably JK Rowling's Harry Potter series. She has also dabbled in some filmwork creating backdrops for DreamWork's Antz movie. To create the illustrations for the Harry Potter books, she was given the manuscript of the book long before its official book release. She would read through the manuscript and highlight scenes she felt would look well visually. Those images were all send to the editor who chose which ones to include in the book. After the book series ended, GrandPré released many of the Harry Potter illustrations that did not make the cut for the book print.

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