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Vincent Van Gogh Foux Roux Art Outsiders Giclee on Canvas by Tennessee Loveless

Artwork Dimensions
16" x 20"



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Product Description

This Vincent Van Gogh / Foux Roux Art Outsiders giclee on canvas is a limited edition of only 195. Every canvas comes hand-signed by the artist.


This is what Tennessee Loveless has to say about Foux Roux in his own words:

I first drafted the outlines of Vincent Van Gogh out in my warehouse in Athens, GA, only to ship it out to Leslie out in the D.C. Metro area later on. At this point I didn’t really know much about Vincent, other than the surface of his work. I flew out to Los Angeles for an MFA interview at USC, and took a side trip to San Francisco before ultimately reuniting with the portrait out in D.C. It was a 10 day journey, in where I’d spend most of the time compiling notes about Van Gogh in the various diners and coffee houses in California.

In reading about him, I became struck down with the sadness of his story. I was waiting for that Hollywood happy ending about his life but it never came to me. Out in Berkeley, CA I called Leslie…

“Oh God Leslie, His life was so terrible and sad, I don’t know how I can actually make a positive spin on an outsider story about Van Gogh”

I went over the entire story with her, which of course Leslie knew.

“Yes! His life was terrible, but there can be the focus of his work and things beyond that”

“I don’t know, I am just so terribly sad about his life. The more I read, the more I just feel so heartbroken about him… It really does transform the way I see his work… It is just all too awful”.

I finished my notes on a 6 hour flight from San Francisco to D.C., and sat there watching the clouds pass by somewhere around the Midwest until darkness fell over the plane. I felt lower than low, looking over the notes that I had transcribed about his life.

How could one, with such a tragic life, create such beauty in his work?

This was going to be hard...

Read more about Vincent Van Gogh and the making of this painting here, or watch the exclusive interview.


About Tennessee Loveless:

Tennessee Loveless is a Chicago based Pop/Op artist, whose work drips with irony, considering the fact that he is severely colorblind. Tennessee understands hues from a pigment and formulaic concept, often making choices based on the fundamentals of color theory, word association of the color, and color psychology, rather than the actual color itself. His choices are mathematical and planned out through precise composition, so that he can communicate the beauty of the one thing to which he is blind.

Tennessee has had a fascinating career thus far, as he rises in the pop art world.  He started out painting drag queens out in a drag bar in San Francisco in the early 00’s, and he finds the flamboyance of starlets, celebrities, iconoclasts, and the underground drag culture, inspiring to this day.  In 2011, he created art for “Other Than: For You To See”, an official selection at the Cannes Film Festival. He has been in licensing and production development for the Walt Disney Company, helping create the most successful health and beauty brand products in its history. He has created officially licensed art for both Disney and Warner Brothers, most notably his 10x10x10 series, based on one hundred silhouettes of Mickey Mouse that express a pop journey, exploring the history of the icon, while bringing global, societal, and personal context to the imagery.

An art gypsy of sorts, he has been an artist in residence in San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas (with the “Loveless Collective” Pop up gallery in 2014), Chicago, Paris, Berlin, and Athens, Georgia.  He has also toured the world as part of creating his 10x10x10 series.  Tennessee was named one of the “People of the Year” from Instinct Magazine, was also “Best of Sacramento” in Sactown Magazine, was the featured artist for the 2015 winter color issue in Anthology Magazine, created a shoe line with SUPA at Nordstroms, and the official artist for the Summer Olympics with SpeedoUSA.

Next up in 2017, Tennessee is celebrating the release of his first retrospective book “The Art of Tennessee Loveless”, written by Dave Bossert and published by Disney Publishing. He has now branched out into different collections with ArtInsights with his “Art Outsiders” and “Vox Populi” series, and personally with “Drag Landscapes”.