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Art Outsiders Borderline Series by Tennessee Loveless: Keith Haring Aqua

Artwork Dimensions
26 x 32




Product Description

The Borderline Series consists of mixed media multiple originals.

They are composed of the printed original Art Outsider image with completely original painted art for 4 inches around the center, and are sized at 26 x 32, created in 10 colors:

The colors for the Borderline Series are: Vermillion, Abstraction 1, Abstraction 2, Yellow, Lilac, Grey, Black, Pink, Cerulean, and Aqua.


Tennessee will create one of these after each original Art Outsider is completed, as each Borderline Series piece takes so long to do.  This image is the first of the 10 mixed media multiple originals he will be creating of Keith Haring.

What makes these so interesting is that the Borderline Series offers Tennessee an opportunity to express his ever-evolving perception, internalization, and integration of having lived inside these important figures in history while creating the original portrait.  At first, within minutes of finishing, he breaks down as part of letting go of being so immersed in their life.  Then, little by little, he has time to reflect on his experience... On what he sees around him that relates to what he has learned of these artists and how they have changed the world and him.  The time he spends between creating each of the 10 means a constantly evolving interpretation of what he has learned.  We are looking forward to seeing the Borderline Series pieces evolve as he continues creating more of them!