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Alan Turing Codebreaker Art Outsiders Giclee on Canvas by Tennessee Loveless

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16.5 x 21 inches
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This is Alan Turing / Codebreaker Art Outsiders Giclee on Canvas by Tennessee Loveless. It captures the story of a tragic yet heroic genius who helped end World War II and invent the modern computer.

This is what Tennessee Loveless has to say about Alan Turing/Codebreaker in his own words:

Alan Turing, who is considered one of the greatest mathematicians of all time, is responsible for saving potentially millions of people during World War II through his help breaking the German Enigma code, and  He is also a tragic figure of someone who was never truly understood and died unhappy.

Born in London on June 23, 1912, Alan Turing showed signs of high intelligence while in Sherborne School, where he was keenly interested in math and science. He wrote about a universal machine, which was later called the “Universal Turing Machine” early in his career, on which the basic concept of the modern computer was based.  After studying cryptology and getting a Ph.D at Princeton, he took a position in 1938 with the Government Code and Cypher School, the British code-breaking organization, where he was a major contributor to wartime code-breaking, working at the famous Bletchley Park.  While at Bletchley, he wrote papers about mathematical approaches to code-breaking so important they were only made public in 2012. 

In the 1940s, he began working for the National Physical Laboratory, where he created groundbreaking designs for store-program computers.  Those designs are considered a major influence on what is considered the world’s first personal computer. In the 50s, he wrote a paper on artificial intelligence that referenced an experiment called the “Turing Test”, which has remained a major consideration around the definition and parameters of artificial intelligence.

In 1952, there was a break-in at his home. Turing admitted to a sexual relationship with the guilty party, 19 year old Arnold Murray.  It was illegal to be gay in the UK at the time.  As a result, the man who was instrumental in shortening WWII, saving countless lives, had to choose between imprisonment or chemical castration.  He chose the hormonal treatments, which rendered him impotent.

Two years later he was dead. It was determined to be cyanide poisoning was the cause, and they found fluid in his stomach with traces of the poison.  It was ruled a suicide at the time, although Turing experts have argued he was doing chemical tests that required him keeping cyanide in his house, and it might have been an accident.  Regardless of that, he died under-appreciated and without the world accepting his sexual identity or knowing the true level of his genius and his importance to the world.  In June of 2007, a life-size statue of Turing was placed in Bletchley Park, and another was placed at the University of Surrey to mark the 50th anniversary of his death. In 1999, Time Magazine named him as one of the most important people of the 20th century. 

Following a petition to the Prime Minister, the British government released a statement on September 10th, 2009 apologizing to Turing for prosecuting him as a homosexual. Included in the statement, “It is thanks to men and women who were totally committed to fighting fascism, people like Alan Turing, that the horrors of the Holocaust and the total war are part of Europe’s history and not Europe’s present. So on behalf of the British government, and all of those who live freely thanks to Alan’s work, I am very proud to say: we’re sorry, you deserved so much better.”


About Tennessee Loveless:

Tennessee Loveless is an artist who passionately delves into the subjects that speak to him, and has been increasingly noticed and well-received for doing so, skyrocketing in success and notoriety in only a few years.  He’s been tailoring how he expresses his unique voice through a number of passion projects, which fortunately have been embraced by collectors around the world.  Though he chooses Chicago as his home, he’s lived and created around the world, including Paris, Berlin, and LA. He started of his career painting drag queens in San Francisco, worked at Disney in licensing and production development, and moved on to become an official Disney interpretive artist. He is now building a variety of unique collections, including his Drag Landscapes and The Art Outsiders, and now the American Flag series.  He is severely colorblind, but that hasn’t stopped him. In fact, it has led him to a visual style based in color psychology and layered with meaning. He is grateful knowing what some would see as an impediment has offered him a unique, artistic way of viewing the world. Find him at tennesseeloveless.com and artoutsiders.net, and all his available art for sale at artinsights.com