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A Special Kiss Snow White Embellished Giclee on Canvas by Tim Rogerson

Artwork Dimensions
20" x 16"
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Product Description

A Special Kiss. Snow White does make her favorite people feel special.  That's what makes her a great princess, no? And Dopey does love her very much!

Snow White isn't just the fairest of them all, she is the very first Disney Princess and the first fictional female character to be given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Here she appears with Dopey, the youngest but of the seven dwarfs. In the movie's trailer, Walt Disney described Dopey as "nice, but sort of silly." He is clumsy and mute, with Happy explaining that he has simply "never tried" to speak. Still, Dopey has his own way of communicating and he quickly strikes up a friendship with Snow White, joining her in the film's dance scene and - as seen here - going back for a second goodbye kiss before the dwarves leave for the jewel mine.


About Tim Rogerson:

As a rising star in the art world, Tim Rogerson casts his artwork with a very evident energy and passion. Inspired by the works of Edgar Degas and Malcolm Liepke, the North Carolina native has embarked on an artistic journey that has taken him from Degas to Disney to darling of the industry.

Tim Rogerson's publishing company, Collectors Editions, is a global art publishing company dedicated to providing the highest quality fine art and services available in the industry. Founded in 1986, they are also the exclusive global publisher of Disney Fine Art. Home to Eclipse Workshop, whose master printers are specialists in fusing traditional print-making with cutting-edge process, Collectors Editions is painting a better canvas for the art world...one brush stroke at a time.