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Marvel vs. DC Press Release

May 16th, 2013
Contact: Leslie Combemale
Reston, VA – ArtInsights Animation and Film Art Gallery has curated a show of originals and limited editions by the leading creators of official fine art images for Marvel and DC comics, including Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Gabriele Dell Otto, Simone Bianchi and Randy Martinez.  From Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, to Iron Man, Wolverine, and Captain America, the most popular and timely characters currently appearing onscreen and in pop culture will be represented.   The exhibit of art for sale will run from June 7th to July 7th, with an opening party on June 7th from 6 to 9 pm, with a DJ, refreshments, and prizes for the best costume and character portrayals.
While the art of Marvel and DC is nothing new to ArtInsights, there has been a decided increase in interest and collectibility of superhero images with the colossal box office success of comic book movies. Says ArtInsights owner Leslie Combemale, “We had Avengers and Iron Man art before the movies came out.  Of course afterwards, there were so many more requests for it!  The new art releases are perfectly timed for our show and we’re thrilled to have some images being premiered in a gallery setting.”  Adds owner Michael Barry, “We have always noticed a strong line of division that fans make about favoring Marvel or DC.  Our artist friends love all the characters they draw, but fans are a different story.  “Marvel vs. DC” is about collectors and fans being shown an exhibit of both and deciding their allegiance after seeing things from an artistic perspective. Some characters just translate better in fine art.”
Alex Ross and Jim Lee are two of the most well known artists in the comic industry, with Ross being credited with contributing to the arrival of a new Golden Age of comics with his popular hyper-realistic style, while Jim Lee is not only an artist but also creator of Wildstorm Comics, and was announced as co-publisher of DC Comics in 2010.  Their art, along with the art of other well known comic illustrators, represents a line of official fine art for the studios, with images ranging in price from $150 for a limited edition lithograph, all the way to $16,000 for a 4 foot multi-character original.
ArtInsights, established in 1994, is a privately owned gallery located just outside of DC at Reston Town Center, in Virginia.  The gallery presents the most important works of art from the 20th and 21st century film art genre, including original art from the masters of film and moving entertainment.  From film campaign artists to matte painters, from concept and layout artists to animators, ArtInsights represents the giants of film art history.  With over 30 years experience, the owners work with their worldwide collector base to build and insure the integrity of their collections.  They sell rare images used in production as well as original commissions which are often used to create official limited editions. ArtInsights exclusively represents the original art of John Alvin, Casey Robin, and Ben Curtis Jones, and also exhibits Tim Rogerson, Jim Salvati, Mike Kungl, Chuck Jones, Christian Waggoner, Steve Chorney, Mary Grandpre and and many other artists made famous by their work for the major Hollywood studios.  Featured studios include Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, and 20th Century Fox, in a display of images from the best classic movies and animated features of the last 100 years as well as newer classics like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Star Trek.

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