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Friday, July 16, 2010


Here at Infinitus it’s like MAGIC!  Time stands still.  In good ways and in bad ways…

We are here from ArtInsights at the Harry Potter convention Infinitus at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  There are 2700 convention attendees of the best fans in all fandom!


Two days before we (my little sister Coco and I, who drove from Washington DC) got here, we were framing like lunatics (or should i say Michael was!), writing press releases, making sales from our “Marvel vs. DC” show, figuring out what to wear in the Florida heat/convention air conditioning, making up price lists, and of course, despairing of ever seeing the official art we got for the show–which was with Mary GrandPre to be signed, having just been printed and given the go ahead–


but wait.  let’s rewind…


We have been working on finding something super special for this convention, partly because i had made such great friends and clients last year, partly because it was the opening of Wizarding World only a tiny bit before (on June 18th, the day Michael and I got married, we like to think the opening was in honor of our wedding!) and we’d been working for some time on it.  Through a series of happy coincidences and friendships we discovered Tommy Lee Edwards had some original art he’d done for the 1st movie, which is just about unheard of!  So I planned a trip to his house so i could see the art in person, and wound up loving him and his family (actually a prerequisite for my selling art in my gallery…no matter how awesome it is.)  So he said I could take it, trusting i’d find the right people to sell it to–they had to be real fans!


So we had some really special art tucked away–which turned out to be a good thing when the art we were expecting to get in time for the show got pulled so they could release it at the movie premiere!  Oh, well…Back to begging and pleading for something –one piece–we could release as a special image for the HPWW opening.  Enter my friend at Clampett Studios (who is connected with Warner Brothers) and her saying “well, there’s this one piece, but it doesn’t have a character in it.” 


I got a bit hopeful said “send it along and let me see it, i’m sure it’s lovely!”  Sure enough, she sends it, I see it, and–in the words of a Potterhead, “SQUEE!!!”  (that means, wow, cool!  it’s the sound of a tweener shrieking…) 


I WAS SO EXCITED!  and really honored that i got to actually get a piece for Infinitus.  It means Warner Brothers, or at least Ruth Clampett, believes in the value and importance of the Harry Potter fans.  Enough that they would put out a special piece for 1. the opening of Wizarding World and 2. Infinitus.  


So…between the art we got from Tommy and the special Mary GrandPre art, we decided to drive down to Florida instead of flying (because you can lose it, and it is insured, but we want them in the hands of fans, not in some baggage claim!!)


We are having an amazing time, and the fans are incredible, and i’ve met and now INTERVIEWED!! Christian Coulson (Tom Riddle and tons of great English tv/film/and he’s also an amazing) have seen Chris Rankin again, (lovely as usual) met this awesome gal who represents Jim Dale (voice who read the HP books, amazing guy) and aforementioned awesome gal shows up this morning with gorgeous hand painted HP shoes to see the gallery.  


Interviewed Chris Rankin about the 7th movie and his future plans.  He’s been wonderful here, fans love him!  As to Christian Coulson…pretty.  which belies the brains that noggin houses…hardly seems fair.


The special piece has been selling like crazy and today has been brisk for not only it but all of Mary GrandPre’s limited editions and some lovely originals by Tommy Lee Edwards have found happy homes!  if any of you are interested in the special Hogwarts piece, email me at artinsights@gmail.com, because you’ll have to be added soonish to make sure you get one!



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