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Happy 2016 from ArtInsights!


It may well be that Shakespeare wrote that “expectation is the root of all heartache”,  but he also said “all things are ready, if our mind be so”…

Being in small business isn’t for sissies, that’s for sure.  In 2015, some great things happened, (50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas, I’m looking at you!) and some things we all had to rise above.  We worked far more often and had to be very smart about how to stay in the game, or figure out how to make a game of our own!

Not only have we, as an art gallery, found some wonderful art and created new connections and relationships that will blossom in the new year, I’ve personally expanded beyond the ArtInsights videos to my Cinema Siren youtube channel, and if you haven’t checked it and the cinemasiren.com site out, you should! I’m also writing for the blog Animation Scoop on Indiewire, and will continue to do so with some articles and interviews I can’t wait to do which will promote animation in all forms.  I’m turning my focus more and more on women in film, and you can expect some cool stuff on that front as well!

Looking forward to 2016 at ArtInsights, i’m very excited and full of optimism.  We have some wonderful plans we can’t quite yet announce, but they are big and they are awesome!  We’ve always been very supportive of artists, as well as the sanctity of creative works—promoting the art behind some of the biggest films and cartoons in history, but also promoting the artists who did that work.  We are also wanting to do more with charity connections in a way that actually makes a difference.  Our new endeavors in 2016 are all about that!

We are building to something great, and will love to report back as it takes shape!  Till then, thanks for all your support and loyalty, and your senses of humor in 2015, and your love of art, movies, and animation which, like mine, will only get stronger and more passionate!  Happy 2016 from ArtInsights, and STAY TUNED!


It’s all up to us, so let’s pick up our hammers and rule 2016 like the Asgard gods and goddesses we are!

Best to all,

Leslie of ArtInsights (aka Cinema Siren)

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