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Dad of Steel – Father’s Day Open House

June 13, 2013


man of steel-HD

In celebration of the premiere of the latest DC film, Man of Steel, and with Father’s Day right around the corner, Artinsights is having a special Father’s Day/Superman open house on Saturday, June 15th! Our gallery is all prepped with tons of art from Marvel and DC Comics on the walls, so come and check out all these great heroes.

As part of “Dad of Steel”, any father who comes into the gallery will recieve a special gift, courtesy of Artinsights. In addition, any guest at the gallery can enter a drawing for a beautiful piece of DC Comics art by answering “Why my dad is a superdad/super-awesome”*. Is your dad as great as Jonathan Kent or Jor-el (Superman’s foster and biological fathers)?


“Guardians of Justice” – the best dad will take this home!


If you can’t come to the gallery, you can always check out all the cool Marvel/DC artwork that we have available on our website. The Marvel/DC show will run until July 7th.

Click here for the art of DC Comics:



Infinitely Heroic – Alex Ross

Click here for art from Marvel Comics:



Assemble – Alex Ross

Check out our Superman art here:



For Tomorrow – Jim Lee

And be sure to go see Man of Steel!



*If your father has joined Jor-El and the rest of Krypton, he can still be entered into the drawing and win.

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