Yzma Original and Limited Edition Art

yzmaThe primary antagonist in The Emperor's New Groove, Yzma is the high advisor to the Emperor Kuzko. Malicious and power hungry, Yzma enjoys acting as Empress behind Kuzko's back. When he thoughtlessly fires her for meddling in his affairs, Yzma plots to kill the young Emperor and take over rulership of the Empire using a potion that she brewed. Her plans are unfortunately thwarted when the poison she gives to Kuzko actually turns the Emperor into a llama. Deciding this is a minor setback, Yzma demands Kuzko be killed anyway. However, thanks to the clumsy and soft-hearted henchman, Kronk, Kuzko survives and escapes thanks to a peasant, Pacha.   After hearing that Kuzko survived, Yzma and Kronk begin to hunt down the missing llamaed Kuzko, with hilarious results, tracking Kuzko and Pacha to a diner, Pacha's home and then back to the palace. When Kuzko and Pacha arrive at the palace to attempt to return Kuzko to normal, Yzma is waiting for them. After being double-crossed by her henchman, Kronk, who tries and fails to drop a chandelier on her, she proceeds to try to destroy Kuzko herself by calling a horde of guards to kill Kuzko and Pacha. However, in the ensuing chase and fight, Yzma is turned into a cat via a potion. Kuzko turns back into a human and Yzma is sentenced to learn to speak Squirrel by Kronk, who happens to be an expert on the subject.   Although evil, Yzma is also comically eccentric as well as fashionable. She believes herself to be the most beautiful woman in the land despite her obvious age and comparisons to an old dinosaur. She engages in diva-like behavior, from her wardrobe to general aesthetic sense. She also will interrupt her evil deeds for something pedestrian before immediately returning to her malicious plans. "All right. A quick cup of coffee. THEN TAKE HIM OUT AND FINISH THE JOB!" Loud and flamboyant, Yzma is one of the most comical villains Disney has produced.
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