WALL-E Original and Limited Edition Art

In the year 2110, rising toxicity levels make life unsustainable on Earth. After all the humans leave Earth aboard giant spaceships, millions of WALL•E robots and a lesser amount of mobile incinerators are left behind to clean up the dirty planet. But after 700 years, the incinerators and all but one WALL•E robot have failed. This last WALL•E (N. 62675) is still hard at work, blissfully unaware of the futility of his situation. As time passed, he somehow gained sentience and a personality. Though he continues obeying his directive to compact trash, as he develops curiosity, he begins saving odds and ends that fascinate him. He hides out from sandstorms and rain in his truck, spending his time sorting his collection, the pride of which is an old VHS copy of the musical Hello, Dolly!.


One day after work, he encounters EVE, a robot sent to survey the Earth and search for signs of life. WALL•E quickly becomes infatuated with EVE, to her annoyance. However, when he hands her a plant that he found while cleaning the planet, she enters a shut down state and is returned to the massive starship that she came from. WALL•E, of course, follows her and now the entire ship must deal with the quirky robot.

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Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas

Embellished Giclees On Canvas