The Flash Original and Limited Edition Art

The Flash is a name shared by several comic book superheroes of the DC Universe. Nicknamed the Scarlet Speedster, every incarnation of the Flash possessed super-speed, which included the ability to run and move extremely fast, possess superhuman reflexes and the ability to violate certain laws of physics. The Flash can think, run, move and react at light speeds, as well as possessing a superhuman endurance. He can run incredible distances without tiring, vibrate the molecules in his body to be able to pass through walls (quantum tunneling), travel through time and lend or borrow speed. In addition, all incarnations of the Flash possess an invisible aura around their bodies that prevents themselves and their clothes from being affected by air friction as they move at high speeds.   There have been many incarnations of the Flash. The four most famous and well known versions are Jay Garrick (the original Flash), Barry Allen (the best known Flash), Wally West, and Bart Allen. Before Wally and Bart became the Flash, they were the sidekicks going under the name Kid Flash. 
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Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas

Original Production Drawings

  • Justice League Unlimited Group Shot Wonder Woman Batman Superman Flash Green Lantern Hawkgirl Original Production Drawing Graphite on Paper

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