Sulley Original and Limited Edition Art

The furry blue monster, James P. Sullivan, aka "Sully", is the top scarer for Monsters Inc, a corporation that provides energy to the city, Monstropolis, via children's screams. His partner and best friend is Mike Wazowski, a small, ball-shaped, one-eyed monster. Although he excels at scaring children, Sully is actually very friendly, sweet and kind. He is also has a very laid-back and happy personality. When he accidentally lets a 2 year old human, that he names Boo, cross over into Monstropolis, his life and the city is temporarily thrown into chaos . 
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Embellished Giclees On Canvas

  • The Scariest Little Monster Monsters Inc Embellished Giclee on Canvas by Tim Rogerson

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  • Closet Full of Monsters from Monsters, Inc.

    Closet Full of Monsters-Monsters Inc-Embellished Giclée on Canvas by Stephen Fishwick

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