Storm Original and Limited Edition Art



Ororo Munroe's personality is strongly tied to the connection she has with nature. Through both the workings of her mutant abiliites and her early fascination with the natural world that her mother encouraged, her entire world was built around a strong appreciation for how nature workd. While traveling with her family, she saw a certain beauty in nature. She saw how the animals lived, how the plants and rivers thrived amidst a complex landscape, and how they all related to one another. Where some would see an endless cycle of survival and struggle, she saw a certain harmony and peace. This kind of harmony is something she would later take comfort in while dealing with the loss of her parents.


Her mutant abilities strengthen her appreciation of nature. It is because that she understands it that she is able to wield her powers so effectively. This understanding is also coupled with an acceptance of the chaos that comes with nature. The earthquake that killed her parents was a natural event and where some would curse the forces that they had no control over in the first place, Ororo is able to accept it and push through the pain. This gives her a strength and a spirit that can endure hardship and not lose sight of her humanity.

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