Remus Lupin Original and Limited Edition Art

Remus Lupin is a former professor at Hogwarts, valued friend of Harry Potter and a werewolf. When he attended Hogwarts as a student, Lupin became best friends with Harry Potter's father, James Potter, his friend Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew. Together they became the Marauders, a group that were prone to practical jokes and mischief. Despite their reputation as troublemakers, the Marauders (sans Pettigrew) were admired throughout Hogwarts as intelligent, talented, charming and handsome. Remus was the most mature and self-controlled of the group, often reining in the more dangerous antics of James and Sirius. He also became a Hogwarts prefect. In his adult years, he became a prominent member of the Order of the Phoenix, an organization devoted to thwarting Lord Voldemort and his plans.


He became a professor at Hogwarts, teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts during Harry Potter's third year. He teaches Harry the skill to perform the Patronus spell, an invaluable spell to combating dementors, which were assigned to guard Hogwarts. During Harry's third year, Lupin and Harry discover the truth behind Sirius Black and the death of Harry's parents, exonerating Sirius. Despite this, Lupin is fired from Hogwarts when his status as a werewolf is revealed. He continues to provide guidance and mentorship to Harry afterwards.


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