Red Queen Original and Limited Edition Art

The cruel and unkind ruler of Underland, who leads an army of Armoured Cards and is the controller of many dangerous, untamed beasts, such as the Bandersnatch, the JubJub Bird and the Jabberwocky. She is nicknamed "Bloody Big Head" by Wonderland's denizens, which she hates; the reason she is called this is because the power that she stole has litterally gone to her head, causing it to have grown to abnormal proportions. She despises her sister, the White Queen for reasons unknown (though it may be because she is the true heir to the throne).


The Red Queen's character is based on both the Red Queen from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass and the Queen of Hearts from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, possessing both the cold control of one and the fiery rage of the other.

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