Ra’s al Ghul Original and Limited Edition Art

ra's-al-ghul-dc-comics-villain-artinsightsRa's al Ghul is a powerful international supervillain and an enemy of Batman. He is the virtually immortal master of the League of Assassins, an international cabal of assassins who do his bidding. Ra's' goal is to save the world from ecological destruction by annihilating most of its human population, believing humanity to be a cancer on the planet.   Ra's al Ghul is effectively immortal due to regular exposure to Lazarus Pits, fonts of rejuvenating chemicals to can restore the dying back to full health. Ra's has used the Lazarus Pits for centuries, prolonging his life almost indefinitely in order to complete his goal. His long life coupled with his position as master of the League of Assassins have made Ra's an extremely dangerous combatant, being a master of combat, assassination and strategy. As a side effect of his continuous exposure to the Pits, Ra's also possesses enhanced strength, speed, endurance and durability.   Despite the animosity between himself and Batman, Ra's views the Dark Knight as a worthy adversary deserving of respect and a potential ally. He has frequently sought to make Batman his successor and continue his plans, a prospect that Batman continues to reject. Ra's also has a beautiful but dangerous daughter, Talia al Ghul, who loves Batman and is loved by him in return, which presents a dilemma for the Dark Knight. Ra's is sadistic and ruthless, viewing everything, including his own daughter Talia, as a tool to further his plans.
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