Queen of Hearts Original and Limited Edition Art

The Queen of HeartsThe tempermental Queen of Hearts of Wonderland is well known for her terrible fury and tendency to decree death sentences quickly and without warning at the slightest offense, real or otherwise. Her most famous line, which she repeats often, "Off with their heads!" indicates her chosen method of execution. Very few are actually executed, as most as quietly pardoned by the more moderate King of Hearts. Nevertheless, the Queen of Hearts rules with an iron fist and is widely feared by her subjects.   In the Disney animated film, Alice in Wonderland, Alice encounters the foul-tempered Queen after encountering some playing cards painting white roses red. Explaining that they had made a mistake and were supposed to plant red roses instead of white, the cards are attempting to fix the problem before the Queen notices. Unfortunately, the Queen appears at that exact moment and discovers the duplicity. Becoming furious, she orders the three cards beheaded then corrals Alice into a game of croquet. The game ends with the Queen being tripped by the Cheshire Cat and Alice is subsequently blamed. This leads to a whirlwind trial where Alice is once again falsely blamed from an offense against the Queen, this time supposedly striking her on the head with a gavel (it was actually the King of Hearts). This leads the Queen to order Alice's execution.   Although usually portrayed as an antagonist, in truth, the Queen is simply another denizen of Wonderland and an obstacle that Alice must pass  as she journeys through the whimsical land. She is often confused for the Red Queen from Through the Looking Glass or vice versa. The Queen of Hearts is often given some of the Red Queen's characteristics, leading many to confuse the two.
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