Anna of Arendelle Original and Limited Edition Art

Arendelle-Anna-Frozen-Disney-ArtinsightsFrom the movie "Frozen", Princess Anna of Arendelle is one of the most adventurous and free-spirited of the Disney princesses. Anna of Arendelle is a spirited and slightly-clumsy princess of Arendelle.  She may be clumsy but she wins over those around her with her effervescent attitude and eternal optimism. She is feisty and fiercely loyal to those close to her. In her early childhood, her family was very close. She remains very close to her parents and she doesn't remember how or why but her sister went from best friend to closed-off relative. As a young adult, she strives to grow close once again to her older sister Elsa. Elsa, however, voluntarily cuts herself off from society for she was hiding her curse as she has the magic to control winter that she finds difficult to harness. Elsa flees the land as she sets Arendelle in an eternal winter and Anna, armed only with quick thinking and optimism that she can fix things, Anna is determined to save her beloved hometown and sister. Along the way to save her sister, she picks up some unlikely sidekicks, namely an ice harvester, his reindeer best friend, and a snowman magically brought to life by her sister. More about the movie can be found here.
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Limited Edition Giclee on Paper