Prince John Original and Limited Edition Art

prince-john-robin-hood-disney-artinsightsThe tyrannical Prince John is the current ruler over the village of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest. He took the throne from his older brother, King Richard the Lionhearted, who had unexpectedly departed for the Crusades. Prince John's unquenchable lust for gold has led him to tax the already impoverished villagers of Nottingham into complete destitution. He is ruthless, cruel and has no qualms about throwing priests and monks, women, children or the elderly into prison. Nevertheless, despite all his apparant ferocity, John is extremely weak-willed, childish and a momma's boy. Any mention of his mother instantly sends him into a crying fit where he uncontrollably sucks his thumb. Prince John is often tricked by Robin Hood but this simply enrages the Prince into new heights of villainy. In Disney's Robin Hood, Prince John is portrayed as a crybaby, often sucking his thumb in times of distress. He is a lion without the regal quality or the luxurious mane, like his brother King Richard. His thirst for power and wealth are the impetus to continuously raise taxes on the already-overtaxed townspeople. Prince John's antics are greatly encouraged by the Sheriff of Nottingham and his right-hand-man Sir Hiss. Click here for more information on Prince John!
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