Nightwing Original and Limited Edition Art

The character Nightwing is the superhero identity of Richard "Dick" Grayson. Having grown weary of his role as Batman's sidekick, Robin, Grayson left the Caped Crusader and takes the new name Nightwing. He becomes an established hero in his own right.   Despite striking out on his own, Grayson is still supported by Bruce Wayne, being his ward. Having abandoned the Robin costume, he wears a new outfit and operates in a new city, Bludhaven, which is near Gotham City.   Nightwing would go on to have his own crime fighting adventures, often working alongside his old partner, Batman. Despite the breakup of the Dynamic Duo, Batman has always seen Grayson as the obvious successor to the cowl. On numerous occasions, with Batman absent, Grayson has abandoned his Nightwing persona to take up Batman's role. However, with Batman's return, Grayson would always immediately return to begin Nightwing.
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Original Production Drawings

  • Over the Edge Batman Robin Nightwing The New Batman Adventures Original Production Drawing Graphite on Paper

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