Mrs. Jumbo Original and Limited Edition Art

Mrs. Jumbo loves her baby elephant boy with all of her heart. She doesn't care that his ears are growing to gigantic proportions, but, seemingly, everyone else does. Mama Jumbo does what she can to shield Dumbo from the taunts of other elephants and circus visitors, but when some mischievous boys tug at his ears, she goes into an elephantine rage. The circus workers think that Mrs. Jumbo has gone crazy and lock her up lest she injure anyone else. Dumbo is separated from his mother and left unshielded from the unrelenting attacks. But, showing the fortifying effects of a mother's strong love in his heart, he turns what others see as his greatest weakness into his greatest strength and uses his ears to fly.


The metaphor is apt: a supportive mother can give her child wings.

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