Mr. Peabody and Sherman Original and Limited Edition Art

Mr. Peabody and Sherman are the cartoon protagonists of the Peabody's Improbable History segments of the Rocky and His Friends and The Bullwinkle Show of the 1950s and 1960s. Mr. Peabody is a hyperintelligent beagle who is, in fact, the most intelligent being in existence. He is all white, wears thick round glasses and a red bow tie. He can walk on all fours like a regular dog or on two legs and use his front legs to manipulate tools, machinery,etc. He is the strict but benevolent caretaker of the young orphan Sherman. He sees Sherman as his underling/pet but still wants the best for Sherman's future. Sherman is Mr. Peabody's adopted son; a dorky, glasses-wearing, orange-haired boy. Sherman follows Mr. Peabody without question and is exceedingly loyal to his adoptive father. Mr. Peabody has an impressive list of accomplishments under his belt. He received his degree from Harvard University at the age of 3 (dog years). Afterwards he worked for foreign services and spoke 8 languages with perfect fluency. Next, he did a variety of secret research projects for the government before trying his hand at investment banking where he earned the nickname "The Woof of Wall Street". At some point, he also became a two-time gold medalist at the Olympics. For all his incredible accomplishments, Mr. Peabody became lonely and wished to adopt a child. One day in an alley, Mr. Peabody comes across Sherman, a little boy, being beaten by a gang of bullies. After scaring away the bullies, Mr. Peabody introduces himself to Sherman and, after discovering that Sherman lived at a cruel orphanage, endeavors to adopt the boy. After a long court proceeding and a talk with the President, Mr. Peabody becomes the official guardian of Sherman. Realizing that young boys need room to run around, Mr. Peabody builds the WABAC ("Wayback") Machine as a birthday gift for Sherman. The WABAC Machine functions as a time machine (remember, Mr. Peabody is the most intelligent being alive) and allows Mr. Peabody and Sherman to adventure through history, where Mr. Peabody endeavors to teach Sherman about the past while hijinks ensue. Mr. Peabody and Sherman were featured in a Dreamworks film Mr. Peabody and Sherman,
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